The UWM Planetarium hosted its annual Art in Space fundraiser, which includes: a silent auction, a Planetarium show, and munchies, on April 12, 2014. Most of the auction includes artistic pieces submitted by students and area artists, and Kevin and I submitted original paintings, a piece each for the event.
My acrylic painting carries the title “Curiosity…” because on one side it depicts a cat sitting on a window pane, looking through a telescope, and on the other, the Curiosity rover on Mars.

It was fun to paint, to submit and to see it featured for the silent auction. But then…
Someone outbid Kevin and that person, in fact, won the item!
It was an interesting feeling for me: on the one hand, the fact that someone now owns a piece of art created by me, and on the other, realizing the fact that my “baby” would now be in a new home! It made me think of plastic artists and their works, when they sell (or donate) them and the feelings attached to that.
Since most of my creativity goes into writing, even if many people purchase a book and/or read a column, it is a different connection to the piece, in the case of writing, which is not tangible per se.
In any case, it was a great experience to delve into painting for fun and to support the UWM Planetarium.
Cheers to everyone who went home with artistic pieces from the auction and to all the artists!