Having Everything

I’ve heard people ask what can they buy for someone who has everything. It’s usually for a Christmas or birthday gift when I hear this strange question. And I can never understand what they mean: having everything?
Some people have more things, or have way more things, than others. Some people really need things and some people just want things even if they don’t need them. But I don’t know anyone who has everything, because that to me, seems impossible.
I think it was when I turned 27 that a friend of mine give me a gift I was raving about for quite a while. It wasn’t a ticket to Paris or an expensive bracelet. When we left the restaurant (Indian buffet in Madison I think it was) where I had my birthday lunch, she said: “I’m taking you to get the gift, but first we have to stop at your place.” The reason? She wanted to take me to a store where I could get my guitar re-strung. I needed to bring my guitar.
Now, I can’t sing and I can barely play a song or two, but she knew I love music. So, there, a simple and thoughtful gift ($5 dollars, if that) and a wonderful gesture. It was so unexpected and such a pleasant surprise!
So, my two cents on this, even if someone has all the money in the world, it’s not about buying stuff for someone, it’s about–if possible–finding something that denotes an appreciation for that person’s likes and values…and bring a smile to their face and/or a nice memory to write about…;)