Purple hair

In late May, I dyed my hair purple. I had waited for the unpigmented crown section to grow a bit on purpose. The purple caught on brightly and during four weeks I received plenty of compliments. From that looks really nice on you to you are so brave!, several women also asked me how I did it. Not a hair expert myself, I explained I took advantage of my “gray hair” (I’ve been told that it really is “unpigmented”) to avoid the bleaching part, not only because I had no experience with it but also because it is damaging to the hair.

And then, at a yearly professional meeting I attend nearly every year, a fellow attendee asked me if I used purple for Crohn’s disease support/visibility/solidarity. I told her that while I did not think of that, it was quite a coincidence that she would ask me about it. And we talked about those we know  and love who are IBD patients.


So, while I did it just for fun, to mix it up, to sport a late Spring look, I learned that one never knows what one seemingly minor detail–purple hair–can spark when it comes to random compliments and unexpected connections.

I’m back now to my medium chestnut brown (on the 6 range).

Happy Summer, everyone!